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The art of Paul Timmons. There's still time to catch his show at the Dover Library before Oct. 31!

The art of Paul Timmons. There’s still time to catch his show at the Dover Library before Oct. 31!

Hello all! The day draweth nigh. Thriller is amped and ready to go! Our dancers have not just learned, but MASTERED the new choreography and we’re ready to bring you some fresh moves by some not-so-fresh walking dead. The parade starts at 7 pm. Don’t miss it! See below for our scheduled dance spots on the parade route.

The orange highlighted areas represent where the dances will happen.

The orange highlighted areas represent where the dances will happen.

Thriller has a MASSIVE list of sponsors to thank for helping to make this season the best yet. Our fund-raiser was a smashing success. I’m going to attempt to convey my thanks to all those who contributed to raffle baskets and other Thriller needs that made this year the best it has ever been. Here I go:

White Birch Brewing
Jack’s Abby Brewing
Cody Brewing
Riverwalk Brewing
Cisco 888 Distillery
Granite State Growler Tours
A&G Homebrew Supply
Jessica Todd Salon
DNA Miracles
Groove Lounge
Martingale Wharf
The Rosa
The Yankee Brew News
Diversions Puzzles and Games
I Like That
The Seacoast Repertory Theater
Wink Salon & Spa
Dolce Freddo Gelato
Jeanne McCartin and Seacoastonline

Special thanks goes to Seacoast Sports Clubs for giving us rehearsal space again this year and the Little Harbour School for outdoor rehearsal space. Also, special thanks to WHYM Craft Beer Cafe for hosting our fundraiser. To Paul Timmons for creating our AWESOME Thriller logo this year. To Christopher Brady of WXGR for being our trivia announcer. To Portsmouth Pedi-Cab for transporting our sound equipment in the parade (they are all done for the season, but look for them around town next summer!). To all my dancers for your dedication and hard work. You guys went above and beyond and really owned it this year! To Karin Bendeck…my right-hand lady and assistant…without whom I could never have pulled this off and surely would have gone crazy trying to do so. To the Porstmouth Halloween Parade for their hard work in making this awesome annual event something that everyone can enjoy. We appreciate you, because without you, Portsmouth Thriller wouldn’t be possible. And finally, to Tara Sullivan: our founder and original zombie wrangler.  Thriller wouldn’t BE without your vision. We missed you this year and look forward to great things when you return to us next year. Perhaps your little one will be walking and we should start teaching him some moves…….

Thriller 2013

Thriller 2013

If you want in for next year, email us at We also have dance events throughout the year. Come join us!

Thriller is under way!

So we are TWO rehearsals in and these dancers have already learned HALF THE DANCE! What an amazing group this year! I think they’re going to wear me out!

Here are some cool updates:

Portsmouth Pedi-Cab has agreed to be the transport for our sound system and emcee this year. This is excellent. Never before have we had a bicycle powered transport for our zombie gear and we’re really excited about it! Thank you Portsmouth Pedi-Cab!

Our fund raiser date has been moved to October 15 at 7pm. It will still be held at WHYM Craft Beer Cafe in Portsmouth at 3548 Lafayette Road in Portsmouth. It’s a little tricky to find, so put it in your GPS. There will be a special cask beer on (proceeds from which are donated to the PHP), raffle baskets with great items from local breweries (the full list is still being compiled as more and more donations arrive!), passes to Seacoast Sports Clubs, passes for Granite State Growler Tours, and special Zombie Couture t-shirts from I Like That featuring the artwork of the amazingly talented local artist Paul Timmons ( We will also have Halloween trivia and our main event: the dance off  for our “MJ for a Day” contest that will determine who gets to be our Michael Jackson in the parade this year! This is a family friendly event so bring the kiddos (WHYM is a restaurant with an exciting menu and many non-alcoholic beverage options. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and completely family friendly. Bring the kids to participate in Halloween trivia and watch the Michael Jackson’s dance!).  If you are on facebook, here’s the link to the invite: . Please invite your entire friends list! And you should come too!

There is still a bit of time to register to dance in Thriller if you would like to join. Email me at to join in! Registration closes September 12!

Another great season is under way! Don’t miss your opportunity to dance with us or support us by attending the fund raiser! Also, if you would like to make a direct donation to Thriller, please email me at

See you all soon!

Lisa, Zombie Wrangler





Thriller 2013!!!

Greetings fellow walking dead! It is now August and all I can think of are zombies, dancing and Halloween! Thriller is back and will be dancing in the Portsmouth Halloween Parade this year!

Registration for Thriller is now open! To register, all you need to do is email me at and indicate to me that you want in. You DO NOT need any prior dance experience. We will start rehearsing twice a week at the beginning of September and I will teach you all the steps. Make sure you come prepared to work hard, though. The dance is faster than past years and you will get a nice little work out on rehearsal nights.  We are asking for all participants to pay a $10, non-refundable registration fee this year (as we did last year). This fee will go to cover the costs of the Portsmouth Halloween Parade such as insurance and police detail. ALL money will go to this purpose. We are NOT in the business of making money of our dancers. We are in the business of dance, fun and creepy make-up jobs. 🙂

We will be holding a fund raiser for the PHP this year again. This year’s fund raiser is still in infancy stages of planning, but will be held at WHYM Beer Cafe located at 3548 Lafayette Rd  Portsmouth, NH. Right now, it is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 17 pending the approval of this date by the owners. We are working on getting items donated for the baskets that we’ll be raffling off at the event. If your company is interested in donating items to the raffle baskets, please email me at and put “Raffle Baskets” in the subject line. This will be a highly publicized event, so it’s a great opportunity to get your name out there and help out the PHP!

We have procured the Seacoast Sports Clubs Greenleaf location as our rehearsal venue again this year. They have been so darn generous to us over the years and we can’t thank them enough. Rehearsals are slated to start early September pending the approval of the proposed schedule by the SSC. I will post it as soon as it’s finalized. Please note this important date however: registration will close on September 12. By then, I anticipate we will be three rehearsals deep and any new comers would have missed too much. So if you are on the fence, you have until September 12th to decide!

I will post updates here regarding PHP event, our fund raiser and other Thriller dance opportunities as they come along. What I’m going to do slightly differently this year, however, is I will make the rehearsal schedule available only to registered dancers via email. If you don’t know if you can register because you’re not sure if the rehearsal schedule will work for you, email me and let me know that. Once the schedule is available, I will let you know and then you can decide if your in or out. My email is

As you know, Tara Sullivan (founder of the Portsmouth Thriller Dancers and our original Zombie Wrangler), has decided to produce life this year instead of hang out with the dead. And congrats to her! So she has left Thriller in my care this year. I aim to do her proud! She is assisting me in a very non-present, removed way (aka email and txt msg’g) with some of the nuances of this planning process…but I wonder if I could get her to make an appearance at a rehearsal. Yes Tara! I’m calling you out publicly! Please come visit us…and bring the new zombie wrangler in training with you so we can all “ooohhh” and “aahhh” over his adorableness.

So you might have noticed that earlier I mentioned that this dance has a faster pace than years past. Maybe you caught on that we’re doing something different. Yes…we have a new, freshly choreographed dance ready to go this year. After a two-year hiatus from the PHP, we are ready to bring a mad spectacle. So new music, new dance, new choreography…but still Thriller. Hold on to your hats…this is going to be great!

See you all soon!

Lisa, Zombie Wrangler



New Parade Route

Thriller Map

Thriller Map — this is only an ESTIMATE that is subject to change based on how the parade goes. We may add or remove dance locations.

Thanks For A Truly Amazing Halloween!

A sincere “Thank You!” to the PHP organizers, supporters, fans and participants and the Portsmouth PD for keeping the tradition going for 18 years. Thank you to Lisa Griffin — our fearless instructor — for taming the undead, the Zombie Dancers for their dedication, high energy performances and fantastic makeup, and to the boys in the back playing crowd control and bringing the music to the parade. We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Keep checking the blog, new photos and video will be posted as they become available. Have a great year!

Portsmouth Thriller Zombies

Four heads!


WHOA!! We got us some new t-shirts! And magnets, bumper stickers, jackets, and more!! There’s a serious cool factor when you’re walkin’ around town in your stylin’ new zombie shirt with a zombie coming out of your chest. It’s a phenomenon. You can buy all this awesomeness and more at Seacoast Zombies’ Cafe Press Shop. Here’s a little sample of what we’ve got to offer!

Seacoast Zombies shirt

Our New T-Shirt!

Thanks to Rich Woodall and Matt Talbot for their amazing illustration and inking work!

Zombie Humor


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