Join the zombies in a dance, if you dare.


Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters

A HUGE “Thank You” to the Seacoast Sports Clubs! We wouldn’t have any way to practice our stylin’ zombie moves without the help of the SSC! They have been a huge support throughout this process, both last year and in 2010 and the zombies are as grateful as zombies can possibly be.

We’d also like to thank Sara Hamilton for her help with organizing the space for us. We all say “BRAAAAINS” in her honor! Check out their website at

Thank You also to the organizers and committee of the Portsmouth Halloween Parade. Their support and assistance is so valuable and we’re so grateful that we’re allowed to be a part of this fantastic event! Many thanks especially to Trevor Bartlett for his time and attention in working out the best place to put us in the parade and his moral support.

Below is our list of supporters and sponsors who donated time, equipment, skills, and assistance. A huge BRAAAAIIINSS to you all! (That’s “thank you” in Zombie)

Keep on Thrillin’!!

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