Join the zombies in a dance, if you dare.

Thriller 2013!!!

Greetings fellow walking dead! It is now August and all I can think of are zombies, dancing and Halloween! Thriller is back and will be dancing in the Portsmouth Halloween Parade this year!

Registration for Thriller is now open! To register, all you need to do is email me at and indicate to me that you want in. You DO NOT need any prior dance experience. We will start rehearsing twice a week at the beginning of September and I will teach you all the steps. Make sure you come prepared to work hard, though. The dance is faster than past years and you will get a nice little work out on rehearsal nights.  We are asking for all participants to pay a $10, non-refundable registration fee this year (as we did last year). This fee will go to cover the costs of the Portsmouth Halloween Parade such as insurance and police detail. ALL money will go to this purpose. We are NOT in the business of making money of our dancers. We are in the business of dance, fun and creepy make-up jobs. 🙂

We will be holding a fund raiser for the PHP this year again. This year’s fund raiser is still in infancy stages of planning, but will be held at WHYM Beer Cafe located at 3548 Lafayette Rd  Portsmouth, NH. Right now, it is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 17 pending the approval of this date by the owners. We are working on getting items donated for the baskets that we’ll be raffling off at the event. If your company is interested in donating items to the raffle baskets, please email me at and put “Raffle Baskets” in the subject line. This will be a highly publicized event, so it’s a great opportunity to get your name out there and help out the PHP!

We have procured the Seacoast Sports Clubs Greenleaf location as our rehearsal venue again this year. They have been so darn generous to us over the years and we can’t thank them enough. Rehearsals are slated to start early September pending the approval of the proposed schedule by the SSC. I will post it as soon as it’s finalized. Please note this important date however: registration will close on September 12. By then, I anticipate we will be three rehearsals deep and any new comers would have missed too much. So if you are on the fence, you have until September 12th to decide!

I will post updates here regarding PHP event, our fund raiser and other Thriller dance opportunities as they come along. What I’m going to do slightly differently this year, however, is I will make the rehearsal schedule available only to registered dancers via email. If you don’t know if you can register because you’re not sure if the rehearsal schedule will work for you, email me and let me know that. Once the schedule is available, I will let you know and then you can decide if your in or out. My email is

As you know, Tara Sullivan (founder of the Portsmouth Thriller Dancers and our original Zombie Wrangler), has decided to produce life this year instead of hang out with the dead. And congrats to her! So she has left Thriller in my care this year. I aim to do her proud! She is assisting me in a very non-present, removed way (aka email and txt msg’g) with some of the nuances of this planning process…but I wonder if I could get her to make an appearance at a rehearsal. Yes Tara! I’m calling you out publicly! Please come visit us…and bring the new zombie wrangler in training with you so we can all “ooohhh” and “aahhh” over his adorableness.

So you might have noticed that earlier I mentioned that this dance has a faster pace than years past. Maybe you caught on that we’re doing something different. Yes…we have a new, freshly choreographed dance ready to go this year. After a two-year hiatus from the PHP, we are ready to bring a mad spectacle. So new music, new dance, new choreography…but still Thriller. Hold on to your hats…this is going to be great!

See you all soon!

Lisa, Zombie Wrangler



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