Join the zombies in a dance, if you dare.


Creature Crawl From Every Tomb….

The art of Paul Timmons. There's still time to catch his show at the Dover Library before Oct. 31!

The art of Paul Timmons. There’s still time to catch his show at the Dover Library before Oct. 31!

Hello all! The day draweth nigh. Thriller is amped and ready to go! Our dancers have not just learned, but MASTERED the new choreography and we’re ready to bring you some fresh moves by some not-so-fresh walking dead. The parade starts at 7 pm. Don’t miss it! See below for our scheduled dance spots on the parade route.

The orange highlighted areas represent where the dances will happen.

The orange highlighted areas represent where the dances will happen.

Thriller has a MASSIVE list of sponsors to thank for helping to make this season the best yet. Our fund-raiser was a smashing success. I’m going to attempt to convey my thanks to all those who contributed to raffle baskets and other Thriller needs that made this year the best it has ever been. Here I go:

White Birch Brewing
Jack’s Abby Brewing
Cody Brewing
Riverwalk Brewing
Cisco 888 Distillery
Granite State Growler Tours
A&G Homebrew Supply
Jessica Todd Salon
DNA Miracles
Groove Lounge
Martingale Wharf
The Rosa
The Yankee Brew News
Diversions Puzzles and Games
I Like That
The Seacoast Repertory Theater
Wink Salon & Spa
Dolce Freddo Gelato
Jeanne McCartin and Seacoastonline

Special thanks goes to Seacoast Sports Clubs for giving us rehearsal space again this year and the Little Harbour School for outdoor rehearsal space. Also, special thanks to WHYM Craft Beer Cafe for hosting our fundraiser. To Paul Timmons for creating our AWESOME Thriller logo this year. To Christopher Brady of WXGR for being our trivia announcer. To Portsmouth Pedi-Cab for transporting our sound equipment in the parade (they are all done for the season, but look for them around town next summer!). To all my dancers for your dedication and hard work. You guys went above and beyond and really owned it this year! To Karin Bendeck…my right-hand lady and assistant…without whom I could never have pulled this off and surely would have gone crazy trying to do so. To the Porstmouth Halloween Parade for their hard work in making this awesome annual event something that everyone can enjoy. We appreciate you, because without you, Portsmouth Thriller wouldn’t be possible. And finally, to Tara Sullivan: our founder and original zombie wrangler.  Thriller wouldn’t BE without your vision. We missed you this year and look forward to great things when you return to us next year. Perhaps your little one will be walking and we should start teaching him some moves…….

Thriller 2013

Thriller 2013

If you want in for next year, email us at We also have dance events throughout the year. Come join us!

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  1. I knew I’d forget a few thank yous! Cook’s Kettle Corn out of Amesbury, MA! Thank you!

    October 28, 2013 at 9:52 pm

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